Carl Olson Music

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Carl Olson

Pianist, Keyboardist,
and Piano Instructor


Carl has been playing piano since the age of eight, and has been established in the Hampton Roads (Virginia) area for over twenty years. He is classically trained, but largely self-taught outside the classical arena.

Carl has been performing as a piano soloist for over ten years in a variety of settings including: private parties, restaurants, weddings, funerals, nursing homes, festivals, and fundraisers. He has a varied repertoire that includes ragtime, blues, folk, jazz, and pop/rock. Carl is on staff at a local church as the regular pianist and organist, and is sometimes available as a substitute pianist for early Sunday services. He is also available as an accompanist.

Carl is a member of Black White Blues, a Blues/Funk/Soul/Motown band based out of Hampton, Virginia. Carl is available as a supporting keyboardist in any genre. He can play from charts, standard notation, or by ear.